Creating solutions to secure water for industrial clients

Different Industry needs water of different qualities for production and other various purposes. The demands with regard to the standard and purity of the water range from simple, low-quality washing water, to very high purified water for injectable or to pure boiler-feed water for steam production. The public drinking water network can be used as source of raw water, along with ground water and surface water like from river and lakes.

Clear Water is one of the most innovative industrial water treatment companies. We create and implement tailored or standardized industrial water treatment solutions and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Our engineers combine their expertise with years of operational experience in the water/wastewater, steam and power sectors, allowing clients to focus on their core businesses.

Clear Water achieves these by offering an extensive portfolio of treatment processes for the securing of the quantitative and qualitative supply of water to industrial companies. Flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, membrane filtration, full and partial desalination by softening, reverse osmosis, ion exchange processes, are combined and implemented according to individual requirements.

The availability and integration of these diverse processes, not only facilitates an optimum response to specific situations, but also water recycling in closed cycles, which conserves resources.

Clear Water one of the most innovative industrial water treatment companies has a proven record in design, engineering and delivering innovative and highly-successful solutions for various industrial branches such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, textiles & dyes, power generation, the chemicals, and various other industries.

Clear Water’s industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment systems provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs and enhanced savings
  • Continuous improvement through Operation excellence
  • Access to proven water technologies and technical innovation
  • Dedicated and specialist resources
  • Commitment to your success
  • The technical services provided by our staff of field engineers, O&M specialists and process engineers are second to none. As one of the leading industrial water treatment companies, we offer specialized knowledge of each industry segment, which enables us to apply water technologies specifically adapted to each client's individual needs.

    We help respond to increasing pressure of industrial water treatment with sustainable solutions. We are experts in reusing, recycling and extracting value from water and wastewater resources.