Water Treatment for Food & Beverage companies


Food & Beverage Industry require innovative water treatment solutions to meet the highest quality standards. This requirement includes:

  • Water treatment technologies compliant with the most stringent disinfection and purification specifications to ensure the production of safe water.
  • Management of health risks and prevention of Legionella through our preventive solutions and complete treatment programs secure water treatment plants and cooling towers.
  • Understanding our clients' needs, we developed efficient water purifying systems. understands the specific needs of the Food and Beverage industry and helps its clients reach their goals.

    Clear Water solution such as anaerobic digestion technology treats a wide range of waste and wastewater streams. With anaerobic digestion, which produce energy-rich biogas that can be used to produce “green” electricity or heat.

    Clear Water helps its clients from the food and beverage industry to reduce their costs by improving production processes and standardizing equipment, recycling treated effluents, and offering borehole-based solutions that provide an alternative source of supply.

    Clear Water’s domain specific experience delivers complete solutions that meet and exceed a high-quality standard to ensure that our dedicated team of experts is in tune with the market needs.

    Selected Reference:
  • Bauli Foods